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If your business deals directly with consumers, your terms must be fair if you want to rely on them.

We’re asking you to Check-In on your terms and use the information below to help make your terms fair.


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This site is here to advise businesses on unfair terms and understand how the law effects terms and conditions.

If you feel like you’ve been affected by an unfair term go to citizens advice for help and guidance.

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Does your business sell holidays or travel booked as a package?

A package is the combination of two or more different types of travel or holiday services in the same trip. For example, a flight and hotel deal, or a hotel stay with an added leisure activity included.

If so, a new piece of regulation may be relevant to your terms. For more information on the Package Travel Regulations 2018, please click here.

When you Check-In on your terms you’ll need to consider the Package Travel Regulations 2018 as well as the general guides found on this site.

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What are the benefits of reviewing your terms?

Making sure your terms are fair can prevent disputes with customers, saving you time and money.


When customers feel like they’ve been treated fairly, they’re more likely to return, and tell others about your company, which boosts your reputation. On the other hand, unfair terms can easily put people off buying from you again.


The right terms and conditions can make your business unique, helping you stand out from the crowd.


Unfair terms won’t protect your business, even if a customer has signed up to them. Unfair terms aren’t legally binding on your customers.


So, protect your business by making sure your terms are up to date, transparent and most of all, fair.

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What are unfair terms and why do they matter?

Examples of unfair terms: Deposits, Advance Payments and Cancellation Charges

Top Tips for writing terms and conditions


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